Inbound Customer Service

Callhalla provides a various range of inbound callcenter services. Our trained agents will comply to your needs in any language your business needs. First line, overdraft handling, ticketing and filing adequate reports, our agents are trained to perform at the highest standards in the field. Callhalla will provide your company with the needed equipment, callcenter training for new agents and all resources for you to make them acquanted with your branch. Our unique business model of billing only for delivered services is the most appreciated in the sector, it guarantees a full dedication from our side and an insurance for your company to get the service your requested.

Outbound Telemarketing

Callhalla's Outbound Telemarketing team consists of the most dedicated and proven business specialists on the Bulgarian and Native labour markets. Our agents are experienced in the field of B2C abnd B2B sales, both hot as cold, for a broad range of products. Reaching from everyday use product to niche-markets, our team is trained and selected in taking the needed approach to upsell your product. We provide Fluent or Native speaking agents in the languages of your needs. These services can be combined with "repondeur" duties, handeling your callback needs with the knowledge of a professional team. You can train your team in our office, with all commodities provided for you.

Callcenter Training

Callhalla has a team of professional Callcenter Coaches, with all the needed Project Management and agent training skills needed. We provide our services gladly to fellow entrepeneurs whom have set up their own callcenter but are not satisfied with the delivered service of their agents. Our people will review, detect, analyse and advise. We will put your team in the track towards success, leaving your business back to you with trained and skilled agents, ready for their track towards outstanding performance. Our team performs on the spot or during conferences, workshops or training sessions, depending on your needs.

Consultancy Assistance

Moving your business or starting one? Callhalla is partnered with experienced pioneers in the business registration and excells in guiding you through all needs, dos and don'ts establishing or moving your offices. Contact us with your business needs and we guide you through all needed procedures, registrations and forms to establish your business as is should be. Our team will assist you with explanation, guidance, paperwork and courier-needs. Both for locals as foreign investors, we are your number 1 connection for your set-up and your maintainance. Our accountants know the drill and will take all your worries away.


Based in Europe

Unlike other businesses out there we are an European company you will always liaise with people based in Europe, some businesses say this but still send data overseas. We do not.

Account Managers

You will have a dedicated account manager who is your direct point of contact, but this does not mean if they are unavailable you cannot talk to anyone, we are after all a company and someone will always be there to assist you.

Staffing Costs

Larger businesses can afford to maintain in-house bookkeeping/accounts personnel/departments. For small to medium businesses however, this option is a money burner.


24 hours a day / 7 days a week, we are there for you, no matter what size your business is.

Data security

We take your data security as seriously as we would our own. With industry best practices, access level restrictions, and secure access at any given time.


No headaches, no hassles: You’re left to focus on running a profitable business.

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