1. What do you offer?

We deliver superb phone staff to represent your brand with high training standards, quality assurance and low staff turnover. Our high standards of service and attention to detail set us apart.

2. Where is your client communication center located?

Our center is located in the Sofia city center in Bulgaria.

3. What if I have questions?

Our primary contact methods are emails or phone as and when required. This ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

4. Will I ever speak to someone?

Absolutely, you will. You have a dedicated account manager who will liaise with you from time to time should the need arise or a meeting in person should you choose.

5. Will my data be secure?

Yes, we will incorporate industry best practices to ensure your sensitive data is only accessible to you on a secure environment.

6. Will my data be backed up?

Yes as part of your pricing structure all your data will be backed up daily for the duration of our services.

8. Do you provide 24x7x365 service?

Yes. Callhalla provides 24/7 call center service.

9. Will I have access to my data?

Absolutely, at all crucial points of processing, you will have direct access to your live data when making key decisions.

10. How do you price your services?

Generally speaking, we have three components to its fees. A set up fee, call charges (per minute or per agent per hour), and back-end technology costs if applicable.

11. How confidentially is my information treated?

We sign a clearly defined confidentiality agreement with you. All systems and processes are set up to ensure safety and integrity of data. We understand and acknowledge the paramount importance of confidentiality and it is our first priority at all times.

12. Will I have a service level agreement to ensure the quality of work?

Our service level agreement is transparent and will elaborate all your expectations and our promises to you as agreed when setting up.

13. What is your business mix of inbound call center services versus outbound call center services?

55% Inbound/38% Outbound/7% Web chat services and back office support services.

14. Do you provide call recording services?

Yes. we are capable of recording calls at client request through a Total Quality Management System. Our partners have the ability to listen securely to calls taken on their behalf.

15. Will I have control over payments?

Absolutely, we follow your instructions at all times.

16. Do you provide chat and/or e-mail management services?

Yes. we provide both of these services on behalf of our clients.